PATERNAL ORIGINS (R1a1a1b1a3a1a*)

Father:Alexander David Burnfield, born Crieff Scotland 1901Paternal Grandfather: Alexander Burnfield, born Caputh, Scotland 1868 - illegitimate son of Marjory (May) Burnfield born in Scotland 1845

My grandfather: Alexander Burnfield, was born in Caputh, Little Dunkeld, Perthshire. He first became a blacksmith and then after learning latin from a Dominie – a country schoolmaster who was also a Presbyterian minister – he qualified as a vet from the Royal Dick Veterinary College, Edinburgh. He married Isabella Mary Young and they had three sons – Robert, Alexander (my father) and David.

Paternal Great Grandfather: David Doeg born 1868, Rattray, ScotlandHe was a neighbouring farmer who got Marjory pregnant, but was already married with several children.  I recently discovered who he was from an old Court Case with regard to Alimony. David Doeg is descended on the paternal line from:John Doig, born abt 1642 Of Rattray, Perth, Scotland; died 2 Feb 1701 in Rattray, Perth, Scotland.  "The Dogs of Mentieth"

Genetics show that my paternal ancestors were Norse Vikings who settled in the Hebrides. and progenitors of Somerled of the Isles, and of Clan Donald Chiefs and many other highland Chiefs - in particular McInnis, Douglas and McAlisters. Family names, Doeg, Doig, Burnfield, Young, Drummond, Robertson, McAinsh, Mackenzie

My "Burnfield" origins were Norman, also an R1a type, probably coming to Scotland at the same time as Robert de Bruce's family, for instance Robert de Burnville.  (a Guilliaume de Bourneville was one of William the Conqueror's knights at tha Battle of Hastings)

MATERNAL ORIGINS (U4b1b1 - this is uncommon in the UK - Finno-Ugric in origin Siberia?, Norway, Finland Lapps?) - my maternal family from Wiltshire and Dorset, England FAMILY NAMES: Bright, LeRoy, King, Green, Mead, Bowles, Clark,  My mothers family are Farmers from Wiltshire and before that from North Dorset