Dr “Sandy” Burnfield is a retired Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

He offers consultation, advice and supervision to health, social care and education professionals in the independent sector.

More recently he has become interested in exploring the therapeutic potential of Paso Fino horses - hoping to make this smooth gaited breed available for psychological and physical riding therapy.

An active member of the MS Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and having had the disease himself for many years, he is President of the Andover and the Winchester Branches. He was the Second Jack Pritchard Memorial Lecturer and Gold Medallist at the Queen's University, Belfast (1983) on the subject of Doctors and MS Patients: Improving Communication. He helped to found Persons with MS International and establish it as a central part of the MS International Federation (MSIF).

As well as facilitating seminars on the psychological impact of illness and disability he is an occasional contributor to TV and radio. Dr Burnfield chaired the University of Southampton's MS Survey Advisory Group and was medical advisor for the film Duet for One. He is author of Multiple Sclerosis: A Personal Exploration (Souvenir Press, London - reprinted 2001), and of other publications and translations on the emotional and relationship aspects of MS and disability. His book for young people, Multiple Sclerosis (Need to Know) has recently been published by Heinemann Library.

Sandy is married to Penny, an artist/designer, and they live near the river Test in Hampshire, UK. They have two daughters and five young grandchildren. My type of "MS"

Professional Services
Dr Alexander (Sandy) Burnfield has now retired from his work as a Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. However Sandy is available for explorative and therapeutic conversation, mentoring and extrarvision on a non-medical basis. Most work now is with Health, Social and Educational professionals. Work is insured by the Psychologists/Practitioners Protection Society.

Professional Services £85 per hour if part of a regular work programme
Travelling to and from work base £24 per hour
Reports £85 per hour including preparation time
Private Consultation, not part of regular work programme, £120 per hour

Change in GMC Registration Status - November 2009
I am coming off the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Register this month and will only be doing non-medical work (I am changing to Registration without a Licence to Practice, a new GMC category). This basically means that I can offer non-medical work but not be able to prescribe medication or do other medical work legally only available from a licensed doctor.

I have in fact being doing this for about 10 years. It does mean I can continue doing Psychotherapy, Counselling, Supervision, Liaison, Training, Lecturing, Mentoring, Support etc but any one referred to me would have to be looked after medically/psychiatrically by a fully licensed medical practitioner as well. In practice this means that if I were to take on someone for Psychotherapy I would need to work closely with the GP, or Psychiatrist to ensure best practice.


Dr Alexander J Burnfield